Flash Back Friday

It's Friday! Here's a flashback to my Intricacies photo series. This project was shot during the heat of the summer in 2012 as I traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, and other cities in Europe.

Kaleigh | Parc deSceaux

The series was intended to be a simple, natural observation of the people and personalities that I captured, placed side by side with a subtle look into the environment in which I took their photograph. 

Self Portrait | Paris


It's not often you find a project you can truly pour your passion into -- but this is what Intricacies has done for me and my photography. I started this project on a whim -- a brief idea that flashed in my mind as I took my morning shower (yes, really). This project started two years ago today, and I am still continuing it. I believe this project is, for me, life lasting.


Maël Caloc | Paris

- gk