It's not work if you love what you do.

They say the secret to happiness is finding something you are passionate about, and allowing it to fill your life. I seemed to know from a young age that I wanted to be my own boss-- all of my career aspirations supported the idea: photographer, scuba dive shop owner, architect, dog, etc....

Unfortunately since I was not able to spend my life as a canine, I chose to pursue my photographic career. Mere months after graduating college, I have found myself enjoying my work more than I imagined I could.

Even after a long, grueling day of retouching photos for fellow photographers and colleagues, I still somehow want to open up one of my own images to play with at close to midnight. Even after I spend ten straight hours on my feet shooting a wedding, I still come home and want to look at the images. Maybe I'm a workaholic, or maybe I'm just passionate about something that happens to earn my living. Tonight I will spend my creative late-night energy on photos of my kitten, obviously.

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