Graham | Santa Barbara

I recently had the opportunity to photograph my good friend (and also talented photographer) Graham Burwell. I knew I wanted to use some often overlooked locations for this shoot to branch out and create something a little different.

First, we stopped at the First United Methodist Church on the corner of Garden & Victoria. At first glance, this church doesn't seem like anything special. But there is a tiny alleyway that runs through the middle of the building--the walls are all painted perfect while and the entire length of the walkway is one big natural soft-box... so of course we shot there.

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Next we headed to a quiet (and empty) parking garage downtown. Santa Barbara offered us the perfect sunny day and blue skies for these shadow infused portraits.

And finally... a way to cool down in the summer heat. My neighbor caught me coating Graham in a mixture of baby oil and water (we were doing this on the pavement of my apartment parking lot) and said casually "Oh no, not another drowning victim..." as he passed.